Suit lovers BEWARE

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Why do bubbles appear on Blazers upon steaming especially with garment steamer ?
Suit lovers BEWARE
Garment steamer can be harmful to blazers and coats tailored with fused interfacing. Sleeves are exempt as they carry sleeve lining, which means sleeves and back of the blazer are only areas where garment steamer can be used However Steam iron is a better option.
Do not overheat or over iron the garment. Fusible interfacing is susceptible to shrink if ironed at high temperature. Not all parts of the blazer are fused.
Due to overheating of garment steamer Fused interlining tends to melt the glued component subsequently shrinks the interlining and creates old mans wrinkled skin affect.
Only True Bespoke The hand made carry floating canvas which is non fusible in other words the best quality tailoring with traditional techniques can a garment steamer do the job of eliminating creases
More updates on Do’s and Don’ts will soon be available.

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