How to look like a true gentleman when temperatures rise in Dubai

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We all love living in Dubai. The beaches, the good food and the multicultural environment are just some of the reasons why we call this country home; but if there were one thing to change, it would probably be the summer temperatures. Let’s face it, no matter how we try to convince ourselves that it does get better every summer, when the temperature hits above 40◦C all we want is lock ourselves in with the latest episode of our favourite TV show.

Unfortunately, for those who are not lucky enough to escape for the summer, dressing up and going to meetings can be a challenge. Will I sweat in this shirt? Can I get away with wearing cargo shorts to this very important review? So how does one look like a gentleman in the middle of the desert? According to Whyte Bespoke owner Mohammed M Ali Khan, the answer is down to one thing: prefer natural fabrics for the summer.

Indeed, he ads, the right fabric will make you confortable all summer and will limit any sweating accidents. So which fabric should you prefer? Firstly, and this one might surprise some of you but wool is actually a good choice. Wool is not only wrinkle free and will give you a sharp look no matter the circumstances, merino wool will actually keep you cool during the summer has the fabric naturally breathes and absorbs moisture.

If you are looking for the perfect summer look, then prefer pure linen, and linen blended with wool as the fabric will be light in weight and highly breathable. Linen blended with cotton is also a good choice as it will be super soft and will last forever.

Finally, if you want to treat yourself, pick Egyptian cotton, the world’s finest cotton. The fabric, similarly to linen and wool with absorbs sweat and a better airflow for a fresher feeling on hot summer days. A cotton jacket is extremely versatile and can be worn sporty for the week ends as well.

Whether you prefer wool, linen or Egyptian cotton, our advice is to prefer natural fabrics, which will always be more breathable and reduce any unwelcome sweating. For more tips to dress like a true gentleman stay tuned or contact Whyte Bespoke.

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