Why do CEO’s wear only True Bespoke suits?

True Bespoke Every Stitch by hand by WHYTE BESPOKE.   Did you know why hand-stitched suits are luxury? Not just that each hand stitch plays its role, unlike the industrial stitch that has no individual role to play. It might sound strange but each hand-sewn stitch is of different size. An experienced tailor pierces the […]

Suit lovers BEWARE

Why do bubbles appear on Blazers upon steaming especially with garment steamer ? Suit lovers BEWARE Garment steamer can be harmful to blazers and coats tailored with fused interfacing. Sleeves are exempt as they carry sleeve lining, which means sleeves and back of the blazer are only areas where garment steamer can be used However […]

Vestiphobia- Fear of clothes

Now this word doesn’t mean that you are actually scared of clothes, of course! But Vestiphobia is more common than we think. The phobia in this case, like all other phobias are the result of a cause. The fear of external factors like being judged by the society due to body shaming and prejudiced thinking […]