Why do CEO’s wear only True Bespoke suits?

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True Bespoke Every Stitch by hand by WHYTE BESPOKE.


Did you know why hand-stitched suits are luxury?

Not just that each hand stitch plays its role, unlike the industrial stitch that has no individual role to play. It might sound strange but each hand-sewn stitch is of different size. An experienced tailor pierces the needle sometimes so close to each other that appears like a line without space.

Based on the strength and elasticity. it requires carefully considering body shape and size of the wearer. Areas around armholes of a coat especially expand as much as 1-inch by making room to slip into the coat easily. Hand sewn clothes while on a hanger or a torso, shrink and adapt to the wearer’s body shape in about 5 minutes after it hugs on the body. The suit that is fully hand sewn Fabric ultralight merino wool made in Italy, can be ordered at Whyte Atelier – Luxury clothing for men and women. The first handmade shop in Dubai.

Where to buy a true bespoke suit in Dubai? Answer is Whyte Atelier, the real Bespoke Suits for men and women for business meet, red carpet event, awards nights or night clubs. Authentic italian fabrics for suits and shirts Cashmere vicuna merino wool silk and more from zegna loropiana and more. Best for the best..hand made shirts Trousers bowties pocket squares and more.

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